What are the grounds for a strong IVC filter injury lawsuits?

Every year, millions of people undergo medical procedures and are in need of medical services. A lot of these treatments involve surgical procedures to implant medical devices for monitoring and ailment preventive needs. IVC blood clot filter implantation is one such medical procedure. During the procedure, a filter is implanted into the inferior vena cava to prevent blood clots to reach the lungs. However, there have been many reported cases of defective IVC filters that caused injuries rather than benefits.

If you or some you know have suffered from such medical injuries, it is your right to seek justice and compensation for the damages. Following are some of the grounds to file a lawsuit re defective IVC filters injuries.

  1. Manufacturing defects
    There are few major manufacturers of IVC filters, like Bard and Boston Scientific. While they have produced many IVC filters that showed promising results, some of their products are reported defective. Manufacturing defects can happen for a variety of reasons – sub-standard materials, poor manufacturing, and quality checks or damaged goods. Implanting a defective filter can escalate the risks of medical accidents. The parts can get dislodged in the veins or can get dislocated from the intended position, damaging the neighbouring organs. However, sometimes it is challenging to prove a manufacturing defect due to lack of evidence.
  2. Non-disclosure of information
    It is the responsibility of the manufacturer as well as the practitioner to share crucial information with the patients. They are required to give full disclosure about the treatments, devices and risk-benefit analysis. Hiding important information or miscommunicating can be a strong ground for a lawsuit. Holding, the defaulting parties liable for the injuries. The manufacturer must list out all possible hazards and instructions of use for their equipment. Failure to do so is a breach of protocol and can be sued for negligence and withholding information.
  3. Design flaws and misleading claims
    Companies often market their products and sometimes even boast about their products. It is a neat marketing strategy. This, however, can sometimes compromise with the healthcare quality for a patient. Not all implants can suit every patient needs. There can be innumerable medical constraints that can lead to complications. Like in the case of Brad Recovery filters, there were many cases of filter leg fractures and failures, which, in turn, perforated and damaged other organs. Thus, if the manufacturer is marketing their product with false claims and you have been harmed by such products, you can seek out legal help.

There are many Lawsuits re defective IVC filters and medical injuries. Giving the patients an opportunity to claim compensation for their pains and harm caused due to someone’s negligence. Shouse Law Group California is a trusted law firm that can represent your case and get you the best financial compensation for your IVC filter injuries. These compensations can cover medical expenses, a financial equivalent for your discomfort, lost wages and more. In some cases, these compensations can be clubbed with punitive damages, punishing the corporations for their negligence. If you or your acquaintance is looking for a legal consult on IVC injuries, schedule a visit with our lawyers.

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