What exactly is meant by Mini Dental Implants?

What are known in the world of dentistry as “Mini dental implants” are artificial reconstructive teeth,which are smaller but very much the same as full-sized implants and were first developed to be used as only temporary teeth.

However, it was later found that mini dental implants are a suitable permanent alternative to the regular sized dental implants in a large number of cases. These implants are roughly around half the size in diameter of a full-sized implant and can differ in length.

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  • Mini implants are fixed into the gum line, usually by way of titanium screws; although, they won’t go in as far as a full-sized implant.

Perfectly Ideal for Many

For those people out there who have suffered from bone loss, the use of mini dental implants can be a much easier and more suitable alternative. Usually, these same people will need bone grafts prior to full-sized dental implants in Canberra, being placed, but with any type of mini dental implants, this is not required because the smaller implants do not fuse with the bone.This is because of their shorter length, and so any bone grafting becomes unnecessary for such an operation.

  • Implants of this type are commonly utilised as the ideal solution to replace any smaller missing front teeth.

A large number of dentists make good use of the mini dental implants as a holding bracket for dentures so that they do not become loose. Formore senior patients, who are not the best candidates for the full-size type of implants due to bone loss or other health issues, mini dental implants help to keep dentures from moving around their mouths.

  • Bone loss can go on to make dentures become somewhat looser fitting. The mini implants can then allow the dentures to fit into place without any movement, by the fastening of them into a bracket which is fitted on top of the mini implant.

A Short Uncomplicated Procedure

When mini dental implants are being fitted inside of a patient’s mouth, there isusually no need for any stitches afterward. The small incision which is used to implant the miniature titanium rod is round about one millimetre across in the majority of cases.

The gum is expertly drilled to let the implant naturally adhere itself and the entire process is usually completed under a local anaesthetic with minimal healing time required. In the great majority of cases, the whole operation will usually take about an hour in at the dental professional’s office.

Make Sure you are a Candidate First

Before going ahead with any mini dental implants, a dentist will have to be consulted to evaluate and then determine whether this is indeed a viable option, and if the patient is to be considered a viable candidate.

If you think that mini dental implants are something you are interested in, do a little online research and you will then be able to find specialists in this field.

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