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In bodybuilding, amino acids are given special importance, because the muscles are almost entirely composed of protein, that is, amino acids. The body uses them to grow, restore, strengthen and produce various hormones, antibodies and enzymes. Not only growth of strength and “mass” of muscles depends on them, but also restoration of physical and mental tone after exercise, catabolism, lipolysis of subcutaneous fat, and even intellectual brain activity is a source of motivational stimuli.

There are 20 proteinogenic amino acids in total, eight of them are so-called “essential” or irreplaceable (the body cannot synthesize them independently in sufficient quantity), the rest are called replaceable. There are also a number of amino acids that are not part of the protein structure but play an important role in metabolism (carnitine, ornithine, taurine, GABA). Amino acids are one of the most popular types of sports nutrition. Make a visit to amino acids table for the finest results now.

Amino Acids In Bodybuilding

Scientists have found that amino acids are extremely important for muscle recovery after exercise, muscle conservation during the drying or slimming cycle, and muscle growth. A special role in bodybuildingplay BCAA. Muscle tissue is 35% of them, BCAA have a large number of biological effects, and are produced separately.

Exercises of even medium intensity lead to the consumption of 80% of all free amino acids – this underlines the importance of amino acid supplements for fast recovery and further muscle growth.

Effects Of Amino Acids

Source of energy

Amino acids are metabolized in a different way than carbohydrates, so the body can receive much more energy during training if the amino acid pool is full.

Acceleration of protein synthesis

Amino acids stimulate the secretion of anabolic hormone – insulin, and also activate mTOR, these two mechanisms are able to trigger muscle growth. The amino acids themselves are used as a building material for proteins.

Suppression of catabolism

Amino acids have a pronounced anti-catabolic effect, which is especially necessary after exercise, as well as during the cycle of losing weight or drying.

Burning fat Amino acids promote fat burning by expressing leptin in adipocytes with mTOR.

Evaluation Of The Benefits:

The fact that amino acids are very important and useful in bodybuilding, there is no doubt, however, as mentioned above, the protein consists of the same amino acids, it is the protein that fills the need for amino acids in all people. Amino acids, as a sports supplement, differ from protein only by a higher rate of absorption, and it is required only during and immediately after training, as well as in the morning. In addition, amino acids can be useful for losing weight, because they contain few calories, together with this they well inhibit catabolism, reduce appetite and keep muscles.

If you are not experiencing financial constraints, you can take 10 g of amino acids 4 times a day, and get good results. On the other hand, you can take 20 grams of protein 4 times a day and you will get almost the same results in gaining muscle mass, and also save 80% of the money.

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