What You Need to Know About Fertility

Fertility is one of the realities that couples face. The concept relates to a pair’s ability to reproduce and a woman to become pregnant. Beyond these activities, other areas influence one’s health. Here are things you need to know about fertility and its relevance to males and females.


Fertility decisions go beyond sexual activity. Couples need to recognize that there are various factors in play that relate to a woman’s ability to conceive a child. As such, both men and women need to communicate and remain open to one another. Having knowledge and familiarity with these issues can help increase the chances of pregnancy or look into potential problems.

Couples also need to recognize that age is a crucial factor in the decision to produce children. It is because women undergo menopause. The timeframe between should serve as a basis for reproduction. For women trying to get pregnant, there is a high likelihood at a younger age compared to older female.

Couples who seek to make children someday need to understand their health situation and make necessary plans. It is crucial to familiarize with your partner’s medical history and understand the potential difficulties in reproduction. The earlier you know, the better it can help you determine the solutions necessary. There are different fertility clinics that can assist your needs.


People with fertility problems have the potential to correct the problem through operation or lifestyle changes. Issues with sperm count or motility can change by making small modifications to your daily routine. Changes can occur when you can stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake, or lose weight. Moreover, a fertility clinic Raleigh can further diagnose your condition and determine the possible corrective medical procedure.

Men should learn that different factors increase fertility risks. For example, taking testosterone can potentially hurt your fertility. Unhealthy food choices and habits such as smoking and illegal drugs also affect sperm count. Men can experience difficulty in reproduction if they are obese or suffer from hormonal disorders, diabetes, and thyroid problems.


Females using contraceptives such as pills and IUD are items that come up when it comes to fertility. Your intake of pills, for instance, women should note that birth control prevents ovulation, but it does not kill your egg cells. You can use IUD as a way to control ovulation. The device limits the uterus from supporting the fertilized egg and prevents pregnancy.

Women interested in checking their egg cells reserve can check with a simple blood test. Physicians from your chosen fertility clinic can administer tests to determine whether you can get pregnant. The number of egg cells will help determine if there are potential complications. The test will also serve as a way to point out lifestyle choices, medical history, and other pertinent factors.

Bottom Line

Overall, the points above show that fertility is a complex topic and covers different issues for male, women, and couples. When people become familiar with these realities, they get the chance to appreciate the responsibility that comes with reproduction. More importantly, these matters enable couples to remain open and aware of what is happening in their body.

A fertility clinic Raleigh is a great choice if you are having trouble getting pregnant. The fertility specialist will be the best person to advise you how to up your chances of conceiving.

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