What Your Dentist Can Do With Your Chipped Tooth

Accidents that lead to a chipped or broken tooth can happen at any time and anywhere. The moment a person feels that they have chipped their tooth, there is a sense of dread and panic that bubbles in their chest. Can this be fixed? Will the chipped tooth affect my speech or the way I look? How can a Lansdowne cosmetic dentistry help?

Don’t panic, here are some facts about repairing a chipped tooth that will reassure you that in the hands of a skilled dentist, you have nothing to worry about:

Fact 1: Not All Chipped Tooth Incidences Qualify As An Emergency

Although it is a must to schedule a visit to the dentist’s office within 48 hours after the tooth was chipped, not all cases are considered as an emergency. If the chip was minor and is not causing you any pain, your dentist will simply advise you to take good care of your chipped tooth until your scheduled appointment.

However, if the cause of the chipping or cracking was due to something seriously traumatic it is best to seek emergency care as there might be something more serious than just a chipped tooth.

Fact 2: Chipped Teeth Can Be Extra Sensitive

A chipped or cracked tooth results in the pulp of the tooth being exposed which means your mouth can be extra sensitive towards extreme temperatures. It is best to avoid anything that is too cold or too hot when waiting for your dentist appointment to prevent agitating the tooth and causing it to swell.

Fact 3: No One-Size Fits All Treatment

The best way to know the correct treatment plan for your chipped tooth is to see your trusted Lansdowne cosmetic dentist. They will examine the extent of the damage and offer different solutions, depending on the severity of the case.

Minor cracks and chips can be fixed through a simple bonding procedure where the dentist uses a composite material over the healthy part of the tooth to remedy the chip. The dentist will then roughen the material to make it look like natural enamel and your smile will be completely restored.

Another treatment option is the veneers. These are saved for cracks that have a cosmetic issue. The veneers are made of porcelain and cover the damaged front teeth. A crown is similar to a veneer but covers the entire tooth, not just the front part. This is a treatment reserved for teeth that have sustained serious damage where a large portion of the tooth was lost.

Finally, the dental implant is the solution for a cracked that can no longer be saved. This is a surgical procedure that results in a fake tooth being implanted into the jaw and it works, looks, and feels like a real tooth. This treatment is saved as a last resort for extreme cases.

Do Not Delay Your Appointment

Even if there is no pain or swelling after the tooth was chipped or cracked it is best to see your dentist at once. The sooner the chip is repaired, the less you have to worry about adding more damage to the tooth.

If you are looking for a Lansdowne cosmetic dentist to give you that perfect smile back, contact Riverside Dental today. We offer the best dental care trusted by families and fellow experts.

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