Which is better, Butcher Box or Crowd Cow?

As a passionate carnivore, you will find that meats of decent cuts which are not grown out of antibiotics and hormones are very tough to find. The search may take you to the leading meat sellers such as Butcher Box and Crowd Cow. Now, how to determine which is the best. It is difficult to determine the better one out of them, and that is why let’s check Butcher Box vs. Crowd Cow review in this article.


ButcherBox was created by Mike Salguero to deliver decent meat cuts and antibiotic and growth hormone free meats to meat lovers. In the advertisement for the ButcherBox, you would find ‘neighborhood butcher,’ and they provide delivery of high-quality meat regularly. The meats are easy to cook and are delivered across the country as well as Hawaii and Canada. The meats are protein packed meat for the customers.

Works of ButcherBox

First, you have to subscribe yourself to the Butcher-Box for delivering of meat. You are going to receive quality and fresh meat delivered at your doorstep each month or twice a month or alternate months, as per your order and requirements of your family. They provide around 60 items of meat. The beef will be delivered to you will be 100% grass-fed as well as beef of 100% grass finished. You are going to get organic free-range chicken which is pasture raised. You will get pork of heritage breed. The cuts are available in both premium cuts or as per your need cuts.

Boxes are delivered of two types. One is the handpicked custom box by the team of ButcherBox,and the other is a custom box for cuts of your wish. There are further two types of sizes of box. One is a custom box,and the other is a curated box. You are the one who will choose these things.

As mentioned above, you need to subscribe for membership with ButcherBox, but the subscription comes with no limitations and unlimited perks. You can modify the subscription you made and make changes to the cuts, switch the boxes, and you are also able to unsubscribe or pause your subscription at any time.

What’s so different with ButcherBox?

Almost 10,000 American families have subscribed themselves to ButcherBox. You get the meat exactly the same what the team of ButcherBox has with their family. The meat is antibiotic free and growth hormone free and is raised in a firm run by a family. They are fed their natural food. Pastures, as well as shelters, are well accessible to the animals, and they have good spaces to live. They are raised naturally with other animals out in the open.

It is seen that only 5% of beef are fed grass, and ButcherBox is one of them. When you subscribe to ButcherBox, you should remember that you are not only having the meat of high quality but because of you, the families of hardworking farmers are getting support.

The truth is the quality and convenience of Crowd Cow meat outweighits cost. You get high-quality frozen meat delivered to your doorstep.

Works of Crowd Cow

The process is simple, you or anyone go to the website of Crowd Cow, and then buy a share of any cow there. As soon as the cow “tips,” you will receive the cuts of the meat that you picked at the time of ordering. Crowd Cow will not cut meats of the cow until it is tipped fully. It means that when enough orders are made for the full cow to be tipped, they will butcher the meat and pack it for shipment.

So, how good are the steaks from Crowd Cow?

When the package reaches your home, and you open up the box, a cooler of white Styrofoam can be seen, and there is a warning sign. The warning is for the dry ice. It is the same dry ice that kids use for experiments in the schools. It can be dangerous, so search the internet and find the best way to dispose of those dry ice or you can simply sublimate it outside. The meat would be rock hard. If you are not cooking at that time, keep it in the freezer. The meat is vacuum sealed. As Crowd Cow dries their streaks 14 days that turns the streaks to a buttery flavor and it becomes tender. The meat is 100% better quality compared to meats of the local grocery stores. As of dry aged, the meat becomes better than others. And the delivery is made right to your doorstep.

The cost might be a concern for the buyers, but you shouldn’t forget that they are dry aged. If you have to buy in a local grocery, you might end up buying dry aged for $25. So, the price is not high, as with $25 you can get four numbers of dry aged NY Strips of 12oz, two numbers of chuck steaks of 12oz, and four numbers of ½ lb thick burger patties premium.

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