Why Choose Jungian Psychoanalysis?

Getting a well trained and renowned therapist is very important and it doesn’t really matter whether you are attending a brief counseling for a life problem or you are undergoing an in-depth psychotherapy.

Normally, there are a lot of practitioners in the mental health field, but the psychoanalysts including Jungian analysts, are usually the ones accorded with the most rigorous and extensive training. Usually, in order for one to become a licensed therapist and counselor one must have completed years of graduate training and supervised experience and in addition too, but to become an Jungian psychoanalysis , one has to receive about eight additional years of specialization.

This tedious and long-term training in a specialized form of psychotherapy is based on the works of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Which involves a comprehensive coursework and an in-depth supervision with a special interest on getting a grip on the unconscious forces that makes up our feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

This unique method is geared towards unlocking the individual’s inner healing capabilities and thhis works with psychological symptoms like, the individual’s life struggles, emotional sufferings and also dreams. These are areas in an individual’s life where one can draw up messages about his or her  neglected parts of that needs attention.

Note that, in Jungian psychotherapy even analysts-in-training are also expected to be undergoing a therapy this is important because, it will help them recognize and confront their own personal emotional issues which might impede the result of their patients.

Individualization has to do with the process whereby people become what they are originally meant to be. What makes this process unique especially when it has to do with a Jungian psychotherapeutic process, is the fact that, no matter the pain and suffering, or life event that an individual is going through there is a possibility inside his nature that makes room for his personal growth and healing.

The Jungian psychotherapist main role is the assistance of his clients with the aid of the unconscious and of dreams in discovering the true meaning and direction from the individual’s innate being.

Finally, it is important that you trust your intuition when it comes to choosing a psychotherapist. Make sure you pay detailed attention to the chemistry that exist on your first visit to the psychotherapist, take note of how you felt during and after the session. All these indices are what will guide you in making the right choice.

In addition, whenever a client visit a psychotherapist he or she always want that sense of security and care from the psychotherapist. So once you are able to establish this factors on your first visit, it’s important that you build on it. Because the success of every therapy depends on these intrinsic factors.

In summary, making up your mind on a psychotherapist and type of psychotherapy that is best suited for you is a very crucial decision you must take before undergoing a therapy. So endeavor that you make the right choice.

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